Welcome Welcome Welcome


HG.jpgI’m delighted you are interested in joining the Elliot Foundation Academies Trust in this challenging but hugely rewarding role. The simple fact that you are considering a job with us makes you one of the good guys. On behalf of the thousands of children currently in our schools, and those yet to join us, I’d like to thank you. Without people like you, there would be no future for our society or our world. You’ll play a pivotal role in growing a multi-academy trust that supports schools to develop not just children’s skill sets, but their lifelong attitudes to learning – and even their moral compasses.

I am grateful for your interest, but I am going to try and discourage you from applying.

School leaders are exhausted, not just from the pressures of keeping their schools open whilst the pandemic ravaged their staffing but from maintaining their optimism for staff and pupils over years of continual erosion of funding and support. They are tired because high stakes accountability measures have been switched back on with little understanding of the disproportionate learning loss in disadvantaged communities. They are worn down because parents, who have suffered severely throughout lockdown, increasingly vent their frustrations at school staff as representatives of a state that doesn’t really care. They are overstretched because in addition to being responsible for giving young children the skills and knowledge they need to have the best chance in life, school leaders are increasingly responsible for community cohesion, tackling poverty and hunger, supporting mental health issues, dealing with domestic violence and addiction problems. For all these additional responsibilities, they receive little or no funding, support or recognition. In short, primary school leaders are the keystones of our society and they are knackered.

Your job, should you choose to apply for it, will be to help our school leaders do even more because the children arriving in our schools are no less needy or deserving of our support.


Still interested…?

If you take on this job, knowing all the above to be true, you will either be mad, deeply committed or both. In return I promise that my Operations Group colleagues, our Trustees and I will do everything in our power to support you, develop you and protect you. Because through you, we make tomorrow a little brighter for our schools and our children.

I look forward to meeting you.

Hugh Greenway
Chief Executive,
The Elliot Foundation Academies Trust